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Nayeem Ahmed
Jul 16, 2022
In Political Forum
Recently, the epidemic situation in China has continued to be repeated. It is like Bai Juyi's "Leaving the Plains on the Grass". Several provincial capitals have been locked down, and China's most glamorous city, Shanghai, has not been spared. A short film "April Sound" edited by netizens about the timeline of Shanghai's closure of the city and humanitarian disaster, makes people feel like they have experienced a Chinese-style "2012". By the way, a rhetoric that is full of administrative orders and at the same time makes people panic, such as the closure of the city, has been officially frozen. So, in the days that followed, we saw one after another city announcing silent management or dynamic reset. Don't be surprised, it was another silent war to drive out weeds and poisonous weeds. According to the latest news, these weeds and poisonous weeds have quietly invaded the capital city, which represents the supreme imperial power of China. The photo retouching people are the country, and the country is the people. Since ancient times, Chinese emperors have had the confidence and heroism of "under the whole world, is there no king's land; leading the shore of the land, is there no king and ministers", but the emperors often feel that they are alone and beyond their means. As the saying goes: the height is better than the cold. There are more than 200 feudal emperors in ancient China, and there are only a handful of emperors who can really do whatever they want and don't care about their names. The emperors since the Han Dynasty have basically learned the lessons of the rise and fall of the Qin Dynasty only relying on hegemony to extend the rise and fall of the two generations. They chose to share the world with the scholar-officers. Through the Confucian interpretation of the king's way, the emperor's hegemony was put on a legal coat. , also successfully limited the kingship.
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Nayeem Ahmed

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